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Agua Dulce Feast Fundraiser, Friday June 26 2015 @ 6pm

AguaDulceFlierPlease Note: This is an RSVP event, you can buy your tickets
$20-$100 Sliding Scale

This Dinner Fundraiser will directly fund a Youth Bicycle Tour for teenagers led by L.A. Rooted.

Agua Dulce Feast will be a dinner focussed event accompanied with a sneak peek of our mini documentary to our Loving Accountability Bike Tour of 158 miles through Chumash based land. This tour was a ceremonial spirit bike tour. Our goal was to support our young organizers in reflecting the ways they will lovingly hold themselves and others accountable. We are proud to say that it was a huge success and that our LA Rooted Fire Circle (decision-making collective) is now comprised of the bike tour participants.

The Agua Dulce Feast is in itself a celebration of life and water. LA Rooted will be taking all attendees on a magical delectable taste journey. This three-course meal will have an appetizer, an entree, dessert and a Water Bar. The Water Bar is our way of celebrating the beauty and life that water offers our bodies and earth. The water will have difference infusions and tinctures for your different needs. The food itself will be plant-based, honor our ancestry, and will be rooted in resistance and resilience. For our food making and consumption we use the concept of MAIZ which is Masticate, Ancestral, Intentional, and Zero-Waste. Meaning that the food will be fully plant based and dab into our ancestral ways of eating all while we aim for Zero-Waste.

With your generous support we hope to fund the Gratitude Bike Tour, in which the youth will set on a journey of self-reflection, fun but also connecting with people locally where the youth will offer their time and labor to help. We hope to fundraise $1,500 which will cover half the costs of camping, transportation, food, equipment and bicycle building.

Please note that you must purchase tickets in advance since this is a formal dinner experience.

Tickets $20-100*:
Purchase online at:
*Also note that we are asking that if you can’t attend but would like to support you can purchase a ticket for a parent or youth to attend.