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Wishtoyo/Chumash Village Camping Trip -By: Bridget RojasI

Although it may have been a bit difficult to fall asleep last night, the camp fire we fell asleep to was extremely relaxing. As the second day of our wonderful camping began attacking  about 7 o’clock in the morning, all the little, and big, sleepy heads were awoken with the blow of Mati’s beautiful sounding shell. Next, we had a delightful breakfast which was oatmeal, apples and my favorite…BANANAS!!! 🍌🍌🍌 .

Afterwards, we had a morning ceremony to the Sun which was very enjoyable and gave me a bit of energy. Then we all got ready for a small walk, (although some called it a hike), to the beach. By far I think the beach was my favorite part of the camping trip. Anyway, we walked along the shoreline of the beach and even though it took awhile to find a good spot we finally found one!!! We all set down our things and I dived right into the waves. They were much bigger than the day before but I think it was a challenge from Poseidon to me. For me to get out all the courage inside of me and use my energy to dive into the much bigger waves he was throwing my way.🌊☀️💦.

After about an hour and a half, the waves seemed to have given me some muscles becaus my arms and legs felt tight, sore, and I was kind of cold.😬😬. Everyone started cleaning themselves and getting ready for lunch. After we all had a tofurkey or meat sandwich, we started doing arts and crafts and made appreciation bracelets, or necklaces, or keychains for the following Closing/Appreciation Ceremony.

When the meaningful, moving, and emotional ceremony ended everyone said their THANK YOUS and GOODBYES. We all left with both sadness of our departure and happiness of all the new things we have learned. I would personally like to thank everyone for being there with me on the camping trip. I loved it so much.😍💖⛺️


A Trip to the Chumash Village by Jose Chavez

We arrived at the Chumash Village where we were welcomed in open Arms. There we met the Chumash elders and leader of the village. As soon as we got settled in with in packing our bags and setting up our sleeping bags, we began ceremonies and as well a small taste of hiking into the woods. The Chumash people explained to LA Rooted about the roots of the Chumash people and the struggles they endured in today’s day. They also expressed there culture to us and how things were done within there village. After this, we had a chance to go to the beach which was very close to the village. The water was clear, but a bit rigorous due to the waves. However, that didn’t stop LA Rooted, as we swam through the tough waves and had fun doing so.

The night then came, and we watched a video in the ceremony lounge. The video explained to us about how the Indians who lived here first before the Americas were “discovered”, were mistreated and taken advantage of. After, we went into the ops as we slept through the night with the fire lit ready to wake up for day 2 in the Chumash Village.

LA Rooted Newsletter

LA ROOTED newsletter

LA Rooted Closing Ceremony – Saturday, July 25th

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 12.05.41 PMCome join us for the closing ceremony of LA Rooted’s 2015 summer program!

The event includes an exhibit that features photography, artwork and other installations made by the LA Rooted Youth throughout the summer.

There will also be a silent auction and some itemsfor sale, with all proceeds going to benefit LA Rooted programming!

More details coming soon.

Saturday, July 25th


534 E. Edgeware, Los Angeles  90026

For more information please email or call us at 323-452-3707.

Tuesday, July 14th -by Bridget Rojas (3rd week)

As I arrived to the firehouse today, I could already feel the astonishing aura of the coming day. We did some rejuvenating yoga and “time traveled” to the Chumash people and listened to Jo’s soothing voice, smelled the fog of the burning sage nearby, and saw deep inside our imaginations. Next, we went over our camping list and made sure that we had all our quintessential items within our bags. Such as extra underwear which Rio very adamantly suggested we twirl in the air to be absolutely positive. But instead, most of us just laughed about it.

Afterwards we were rolling out of the firehouse ended up going up an abundant amount of steep hills. Which I couldn’t “bear” to bike up. ( Lol. Inside jokes between Rio and I.) Anyways, we started a Mural workshop and talked about why images can have so much meaning to them. My personal favorite was a gorgeous mural on the displacement of Chavez Ravine.

Finally, we had our potato/ starch-filled lunch which was gladly made with love by Anabel, Cynthia, Javi, Michael, Zumi, And Karo. And I have to say I’m ecstatic that someone finally got me to like potatoes!!!! While we ate our infinitely amazing lunch we all happily watched a wonderful Disney classic called Lilo & Stitch on Netflix. I’m pretty sure that today was one of L.A. Rooted’s best days.

~Bridget Rojas, L.A. Rooted: 3rd Year Alumni


Rhythmic Resistance: SAMBA!

SAMBA!!! This Sunday 3-5pm at RAC, 2515 W. 7th St, 90057

As one of our Fire Keepers put it: “We will be lucky if we look like this baby!!”

Sunday’s instructor: Jenny Garcia loves to dance! She has been dancing samba for over ten years. She currently dances with the company Samba N’Motion and has taught samba classes at CityArts! in Providence, Rhode Island, Brasil Brasil Cultural Center in Los Angeles, and Capoeira Mandinga in Beijing, China. In the past she has danced with New Works/ World Traditions, Critical Mass Dance Company, and Mezcla Latino Dance Company. She is currently a full time student of Traditional Chinese Medicine and treats patients with acupuncture, herbs, and nutrition in the clinic at Yo San University. She hopes to open a healing center in the future which will offer movement and holistic healing, and be a resource for social justice movements.
Samba Dance Class:
Samba is a dance form from Brazil and has many variations, but one basic step. This class is for all levels and is about having fun, moving, improvising, and responding to the music and to each other.


Rhythmic Resistance: Dance for Freedom is a series of dance classes that will help raise funds for Youth stipends. A project of Los Angeles Rooted, participants of Rhythmic Resistance will not only learn some great moves, but will also get a history lesson on the transformative and revolutionary aspects of several genres of music.

It is a 5 week series starting Sunday July 5 from 3-5pm.

The classes will take place at the space of Revolutionary Autonomous Communities (RAC), 2515 7th St, Los Angeles 90057. We will have day care and delicious energizing drinks.

$10.00 each if you bring a buddy or $15.00 individual. Tickets will be sold at the door.

In the coming weeks we will explore Samba, from Brazil, hip-hop, Latin Cumbia and Merengue, and modern dance. Uplifting our health, spiritual vibration and gathering dancing tools to empower ourselves and our communities.

Thursday, July 9th (2nd week)- By Bridget Rojas

As we come to the end of our second week we all gravitate closer and closer together. Today as we were riding to Mac Arthur Park everyone’s communication on the road was excellent. I saw those beautiful little hand signals and heard the shouts of POTHOLES BEHIND and CARS AHEAD!!!

When we arrived at Mac Arthur Park we had free time, unknowingly waiting for the wondrous and mouth-watering lunch. One of the reasons it was so mouth-watering was because we were doing food meditation and had to compose ourselves ( especially me in particular ) from devouring the bean-and-cheese pupusas to the very last crumb. (Although it was quite refreshing to thank all the hard work just to get those dainty little pupusas to our plates.)

I think our photo activity right BEFORE lunch, (pardon my lack of sequence), was one of my favorite parts of the day. We all chose themes that appealed to us and I chose mine as Mobility and Movement. I specifically remember this little black duck that stood in the edge of a mini island with his wings up on both sides expanded to their extent. And he was just standing still like that ready to dual another. (Or so we assumed.)

Anyways, afterwards we went to RAC (Recreational Autonomous Community) and learned about how to make an Aquaponics system. Everyone loved the hands-on work in order to make one. Aquaponics, according to Brenda (one of our little wavy-haired teachers), is a way of growing plants using fish waste (fish poop). It works in the same way as putting fertilizer (or manuer) in a pot with soil. Everyone loved it and it was much more fun than I anticipated. But, then again I’ve always had high expectations for L.A. Rooted.

~Bridget Rojas 3rd Year L.A. Rooted Alumni

Day 5 (Wednesday, July 8) by Jose Chavez

Today we did intense bike riding. The ride was full of hills and uphills. The ride today was also longer than yesterday’s ride. Our destination was at the Los Angeles River, where we met up with Emily. There, we went to explore the river, and travel inside the little “jungle.” After, we ate some delicious lunch, that our awesome Wood Gatherers go out of their way to bring to us.

Then we did some yoga! This time spent relaxed our amazing bodies. Some of us even fell asleep…we then biked back, and went on a journey to see more of our city. The journey back reminded all of us of biker safety. And to keep the children safe…

When bicycling on the road, it’s important to have self awareness. All in all, another great day today, and can’t wait what’s in store for us tomorrow!

Tuesday July 7th – by Bridget Rojas

The first week of LA Rooted has already passed and the second week has begun. We biked our way to the historical Chavez Ravine Arboretum this Tuesday and it was exhilarating. We ate snacks and started talking about why a person’s gender is beautiful and how it makes our world better.

Everyone had their different views on it. I personally thought that a person’s gender is beautiful because they are visually, mentally, and physically expressing who they are. I think it makes the world better because then everyone will eventually learn that there is nothing wrong with expressing yourself in public.

Our fluidity lesson was next and we talked about what fluids come out of our body and why it’s important. Followed by that was our mental health and meditation. Everyone got relaxed and it was like living in a movie scene. Just like being in LA Rooted.

~Bridget Rojas L.A. Rooted 3rd Year Alumni

First week of camp – A summary by Bridget Rojas

This first week of LA Rooted has been amazing. All the new faces have been learned, and numbers of boundaries have been expanded. The first day you could see the excitement in the nervous faces. We learned about something new everyday.

ontheroadart reflectionThe first day we learned about pedestrian safety, native plants, and compost. It’s amazing to know that trees communicate through mycorrhizal fungi. Which is basically microscopic fungi.

Photography and our first day of bike riding was just a few of the highlights of the second day. There was also a wonderful lunch and rejuvenating peach/plum/nectarine smoothie made by one of our extravagant mentors named Johnny. I decided to dub the smoothie, along with another camp mate, “spring wedding.”

By far our third day was the spiritual, intense, beautiful, tree-filled, tomato-faced, and deep-breathing day. We started the day with a few gnarly hills on the way to Elysian Park. After a snack or two, we started a few self-care activities. We stretched, did some funky dance moves, and had our alone time in the grass.self - caregrp shot

Next we did a reflection art piece where we also learned how to care for others. Finally, at the end of the day we sang ful-filling song called Riptide. Which was accompanied by the ukelele which one of the youth named Jeremiah was playing.

sound expression

Overall the first week of camp was filled with knowledge, love, and the caring of others. I am ecstatic for the following weeks of LA Rooted.


-Bridget Rojas, 3rd year LA Rooted alumni