First week of camp – A summary by Bridget Rojas

This first week of LA Rooted has been amazing. All the new faces have been learned, and numbers of boundaries have been expanded. The first day you could see the excitement in the nervous faces. We learned about something new everyday.

ontheroadart reflectionThe first day we learned about pedestrian safety, native plants, and compost. It’s amazing to know that trees communicate through mycorrhizal fungi. Which is basically microscopic fungi.

Photography and our first day of bike riding was just a few of the highlights of the second day. There was also a wonderful lunch and rejuvenating peach/plum/nectarine smoothie made by one of our extravagant mentors named Johnny. I decided to dub the smoothie, along with another camp mate, “spring wedding.”

By far our third day was the spiritual, intense, beautiful, tree-filled, tomato-faced, and deep-breathing day. We started the day with a few gnarly hills on the way to Elysian Park. After a snack or two, we started a few self-care activities. We stretched, did some funky dance moves, and had our alone time in the grass.self - caregrp shot

Next we did a reflection art piece where we also learned how to care for others. Finally, at the end of the day we sang ful-filling song called Riptide. Which was accompanied by the ukelele which one of the youth named Jeremiah was playing.

sound expression

Overall the first week of camp was filled with knowledge, love, and the caring of others. I am ecstatic for the following weeks of LA Rooted.


-Bridget Rojas, 3rd year LA Rooted alumni


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