Thursday, July 9th (2nd week)- By Bridget Rojas

As we come to the end of our second week we all gravitate closer and closer together. Today as we were riding to Mac Arthur Park everyone’s communication on the road was excellent. I saw those beautiful little hand signals and heard the shouts of POTHOLES BEHIND and CARS AHEAD!!!

When we arrived at Mac Arthur Park we had free time, unknowingly waiting for the wondrous and mouth-watering lunch. One of the reasons it was so mouth-watering was because we were doing food meditation and had to compose ourselves ( especially me in particular ) from devouring the bean-and-cheese pupusas to the very last crumb. (Although it was quite refreshing to thank all the hard work just to get those dainty little pupusas to our plates.)

I think our photo activity right BEFORE lunch, (pardon my lack of sequence), was one of my favorite parts of the day. We all chose themes that appealed to us and I chose mine as Mobility and Movement. I specifically remember this little black duck that stood in the edge of a mini island with his wings up on both sides expanded to their extent. And he was just standing still like that ready to dual another. (Or so we assumed.)

Anyways, afterwards we went to RAC (Recreational Autonomous Community) and learned about how to make an Aquaponics system. Everyone loved the hands-on work in order to make one. Aquaponics, according to Brenda (one of our little wavy-haired teachers), is a way of growing plants using fish waste (fish poop). It works in the same way as putting fertilizer (or manuer) in a pot with soil. Everyone loved it and it was much more fun than I anticipated. But, then again I’ve always had high expectations for L.A. Rooted.

~Bridget Rojas 3rd Year L.A. Rooted Alumni


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