Rhythmic Resistance: SAMBA!

SAMBA!!! This Sunday 3-5pm at RAC, 2515 W. 7th St, 90057

As one of our Fire Keepers put it: “We will be lucky if we look like this baby!!”

Sunday’s instructor: Jenny Garcia loves to dance! She has been dancing samba for over ten years. She currently dances with the company Samba N’Motion and has taught samba classes at CityArts! in Providence, Rhode Island, Brasil Brasil Cultural Center in Los Angeles, and Capoeira Mandinga in Beijing, China. In the past she has danced with New Works/ World Traditions, Critical Mass Dance Company, and Mezcla Latino Dance Company. She is currently a full time student of Traditional Chinese Medicine and treats patients with acupuncture, herbs, and nutrition in the clinic at Yo San University. She hopes to open a healing center in the future which will offer movement and holistic healing, and be a resource for social justice movements.
Samba Dance Class:
Samba is a dance form from Brazil and has many variations, but one basic step. This class is for all levels and is about having fun, moving, improvising, and responding to the music and to each other.


Rhythmic Resistance: Dance for Freedom is a series of dance classes that will help raise funds for Youth stipends. A project of Los Angeles Rooted, participants of Rhythmic Resistance will not only learn some great moves, but will also get a history lesson on the transformative and revolutionary aspects of several genres of music.

It is a 5 week series starting Sunday July 5 from 3-5pm.

The classes will take place at the space of Revolutionary Autonomous Communities (RAC), 2515 7th St, Los Angeles 90057. We will have day care and delicious energizing drinks.

$10.00 each if you bring a buddy or $15.00 individual. Tickets will be sold at the door.

In the coming weeks we will explore Samba, from Brazil, hip-hop, Latin Cumbia and Merengue, and modern dance. Uplifting our health, spiritual vibration and gathering dancing tools to empower ourselves and our communities.


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