Tuesday, July 14th -by Bridget Rojas (3rd week)

As I arrived to the firehouse today, I could already feel the astonishing aura of the coming day. We did some rejuvenating yoga and “time traveled” to the Chumash people and listened to Jo’s soothing voice, smelled the fog of the burning sage nearby, and saw deep inside our imaginations. Next, we went over our camping list and made sure that we had all our quintessential items within our bags. Such as extra underwear which Rio very adamantly suggested we twirl in the air to be absolutely positive. But instead, most of us just laughed about it.

Afterwards we were rolling out of the firehouse ended up going up an abundant amount of steep hills. Which I couldn’t “bear” to bike up. ( Lol. Inside jokes between Rio and I.) Anyways, we started a Mural workshop and talked about why images can have so much meaning to them. My personal favorite was a gorgeous mural on the displacement of Chavez Ravine.

Finally, we had our potato/ starch-filled lunch which was gladly made with love by Anabel, Cynthia, Javi, Michael, Zumi, And Karo. And I have to say I’m ecstatic that someone finally got me to like potatoes!!!! While we ate our infinitely amazing lunch we all happily watched a wonderful Disney classic called Lilo & Stitch on Netflix. I’m pretty sure that today was one of L.A. Rooted’s best days.

~Bridget Rojas, L.A. Rooted: 3rd Year Alumni



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