Wishtoyo/Chumash Village Camping Trip -By: Bridget RojasI

Although it may have been a bit difficult to fall asleep last night, the camp fire we fell asleep to was extremely relaxing. As the second day of our wonderful camping began attacking  about 7 o’clock in the morning, all the little, and big, sleepy heads were awoken with the blow of Mati’s beautiful sounding shell. Next, we had a delightful breakfast which was oatmeal, apples and my favorite…BANANAS!!! 🍌🍌🍌 .

Afterwards, we had a morning ceremony to the Sun which was very enjoyable and gave me a bit of energy. Then we all got ready for a small walk, (although some called it a hike), to the beach. By far I think the beach was my favorite part of the camping trip. Anyway, we walked along the shoreline of the beach and even though it took awhile to find a good spot we finally found one!!! We all set down our things and I dived right into the waves. They were much bigger than the day before but I think it was a challenge from Poseidon to me. For me to get out all the courage inside of me and use my energy to dive into the much bigger waves he was throwing my way.🌊☀️💦.

After about an hour and a half, the waves seemed to have given me some muscles becaus my arms and legs felt tight, sore, and I was kind of cold.😬😬. Everyone started cleaning themselves and getting ready for lunch. After we all had a tofurkey or meat sandwich, we started doing arts and crafts and made appreciation bracelets, or necklaces, or keychains for the following Closing/Appreciation Ceremony.

When the meaningful, moving, and emotional ceremony ended everyone said their THANK YOUS and GOODBYES. We all left with both sadness of our departure and happiness of all the new things we have learned. I would personally like to thank everyone for being there with me on the camping trip. I loved it so much.😍💖⛺️


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