First week of camp – A summary by Bridget Rojas

This first week of LA Rooted has been amazing. All the new faces have been learned, and numbers of boundaries have been expanded. The first day you could see the excitement in the nervous faces. We learned about something new everyday.

ontheroadart reflectionThe first day we learned about pedestrian safety, native plants, and compost. It’s amazing to know that trees communicate through mycorrhizal fungi. Which is basically microscopic fungi.

Photography and our first day of bike riding was just a few of the highlights of the second day. There was also a wonderful lunch and rejuvenating peach/plum/nectarine smoothie made by one of our extravagant mentors named Johnny. I decided to dub the smoothie, along with another camp mate, “spring wedding.”

By far our third day was the spiritual, intense, beautiful, tree-filled, tomato-faced, and deep-breathing day. We started the day with a few gnarly hills on the way to Elysian Park. After a snack or two, we started a few self-care activities. We stretched, did some funky dance moves, and had our alone time in the grass.self - caregrp shot

Next we did a reflection art piece where we also learned how to care for others. Finally, at the end of the day we sang ful-filling song called Riptide. Which was accompanied by the ukelele which one of the youth named Jeremiah was playing.

sound expression

Overall the first week of camp was filled with knowledge, love, and the caring of others. I am ecstatic for the following weeks of LA Rooted.


-Bridget Rojas, 3rd year LA Rooted alumni


First week of summer camp!

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Agua Dulce Feast Fundraiser, Friday June 26 2015 @ 6pm

AguaDulceFlierPlease Note: This is an RSVP event, you can buy your tickets
$20-$100 Sliding Scale

This Dinner Fundraiser will directly fund a Youth Bicycle Tour for teenagers led by L.A. Rooted.

Agua Dulce Feast will be a dinner focussed event accompanied with a sneak peek of our mini documentary to our Loving Accountability Bike Tour of 158 miles through Chumash based land. This tour was a ceremonial spirit bike tour. Our goal was to support our young organizers in reflecting the ways they will lovingly hold themselves and others accountable. We are proud to say that it was a huge success and that our LA Rooted Fire Circle (decision-making collective) is now comprised of the bike tour participants.

The Agua Dulce Feast is in itself a celebration of life and water. LA Rooted will be taking all attendees on a magical delectable taste journey. This three-course meal will have an appetizer, an entree, dessert and a Water Bar. The Water Bar is our way of celebrating the beauty and life that water offers our bodies and earth. The water will have difference infusions and tinctures for your different needs. The food itself will be plant-based, honor our ancestry, and will be rooted in resistance and resilience. For our food making and consumption we use the concept of MAIZ which is Masticate, Ancestral, Intentional, and Zero-Waste. Meaning that the food will be fully plant based and dab into our ancestral ways of eating all while we aim for Zero-Waste.

With your generous support we hope to fund the Gratitude Bike Tour, in which the youth will set on a journey of self-reflection, fun but also connecting with people locally where the youth will offer their time and labor to help. We hope to fundraise $1,500 which will cover half the costs of camping, transportation, food, equipment and bicycle building.

Please note that you must purchase tickets in advance since this is a formal dinner experience.

Tickets $20-100*:
Purchase online at:
*Also note that we are asking that if you can’t attend but would like to support you can purchase a ticket for a parent or youth to attend.

Registrese para el verano 2015 / Register for summer 2015

Este año el programa de verano se llevara acabo del 30 de junio a el 25 de julio cada martes, miércoles y jueves de 9am-4pm.  La exhibición final del programa sera el sábado 25 de julio. Estaremos basados en Echo Park, en 534 E. Edgeware, Los Angeles 90026.

Registrar un participante

Actualmente estamos aceptando formas de registración para el programa! Estamos reclutando a jovenes de 10-18 años.

El último día para registrarse es el 1 de junio. Por favor haga click aquí para entregar su forma por internet.

También puede imprimir y mandarnos la forma por correo para el 1 de junio. Por favor llamenos al 323-452-3707 para darles instrucciones a donde mandar la forma (NO es al 534 E. Edgeware).  Haga click aquí para baja la forma: 2015FormaRegistracion.

Registrese como voluntario

Si le gustaría donar de su tiempo a nuestro programa, también estamos aceptando a voluntarios! Por favor haga click aquípara llenar el formulario para voluntarios.

Si tiene cualquier pregunta o gustaría ayuda con la forma, por favor contáctenos en o al 323-452-3707.  Gracias!!


This year’s summer program will run from June 30-July 25 every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9am-4pm.  The culminating exhibition for the program will be on Saturday, July 25. We will be based in Echo Park, at 534 E. Edgeware, Los Angeles 90026.

Register as a participant

We are currently accepting registration forms for this year’s summer program! We are recruiting youth of color from 10-18 years of age.

Registration forms are due by June 1. Please click here to turn in your registration form online.

You can also print and send us the registration form by June 1. Please call us at 323-452-3707 for instructions on where to send the form (it is NOT to 534 E. Edgeware) Click here to download the form:  2015RegistrationFormEnglish

Register as a volunteer

If you would like to volunteer for our summer program this year, please fill out our online questionnaire by clicking here.

If you have any questions about our program, how to register, or anything else please reach out to us at or at 323-452-3707.  Thanks!!

Calling all would-be volunteers!

If you’d like to know how you can become more involved with LA Rooted – look no further!

If you’re interested in volunteering for our program please take some time to fill out our Wood Gatherer/Volunteer questionnaire.

In order to volunteer for our summer 2015 program, we ask that you fill out this questionnaire and attend our volunteer orientation on May 22.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment or contact us at, (323) 452-3707.

See you this summer!


Recruitment for Summer 2015!

10501992_709368122443222_4731809402446518549_nWe are so excited to get close to summer because that means…LA Rooted Summer 2015!Last year we had an awesome summer, full of great activities, radical education, beautiful students, volunteers, facilitators, parents and community!

This year we’ll be focusing on “WATER” as our main theme for our program, which will run from June 30-July 25.

IMG_0278And we’re going to do it all over again this year!  So make sure to turn in your registration form by May 22 in order to be considered for the program.  Spaces fill up quick! So be sure to send it in soon.  You can either fill it out and send it to us at, or print it out and send it to us!  Please give us a call at 323-452-3707 for directions on where to send it or for any questions you may have.

See you this summer!

Click here to download the English Registration Form: 2015RegistrationFormEnglish

IMG_0328Estamos muy entusiasmados que nos estamos hacercando al verano porque eso quiere decir…Verano con LA Rooted 2015!!  El año pasado tuvimos un verano increíble, lleno de actividades divertidas, educación radical, y estudiantes, voluntarios, facilitadores, padres y comunidad HERMOSA!!

Y este año alli vamos OTRA vez!  Del 30 de junio al 25 de julio vamos a tener un programa centrado en el “AGUA.” 

10590521_709367765776591_4365159159682402489_nAsi que asegurese en entregar si forma de registración no más tarde que el 22 de mayo para ser considerado para el programa.  Los espacios se llenan rápido, asi que lo mas pronto se mando, lo mejor.  Se puede llenar y mandar la forma a nuestro correo electrónico,, or se puede imprimir y mandar por correo.  Por favor llamenos para más información y instrucciones para donde mandarlo: 323-452-3707. 

Nos vemos este verano!

Haga click aqui para baja la forma de registración en español: 2015FormaRegistracion

Recruitment for 2015 has begun! / Reclutamiento para 2015 a comenzado!

It’s that time of the year again!  Time to start deciding which seeds you’re going to put in the ground for spring, so that in the summer, you’ll have a great harvest.  That means it’s also time to start thinking about what activities youth will be doing in the summer!  Check out our fliers for some info on this year’s program, and please contact us if you or anyone you know wants to enroll for summer 2015!

Hemos llegado otra vez a esta temporada – cuando es tiempo de decidir cuales semillas se van a sembrar y preparar para la primavera.  Así para el verano, hay una buena cosecha.  Eso quiere decir que también es tiempo para pensar en actividades para la juventud en el verano!  Hechele un vistazo a nuestros volantes para el programa de este año y por favor contáctenos si usted or alguien que usted conoce quiere inscribirse para el verano 2015!

Please register using the form provided and email it to :

Por favor de inscribirse usando la forma aqui y envie la a : 

Registration Form English 

Forma de Registración en Español



A Watershed Moment

We are so grateful to have been a part of A Watershed Moment, put on by the Green Ambassadors Institute.  We got to share our presentation, “From Guatemala to LA: Water Projects in Latin America Can Teach Us a Thing or Two,” meet awesome people and make great connections.

We learned a lot about what other educators are doing in Los Angeles to activate and involve students in water-related issues.  Below you will find our slides from our presentation.

Looking forward to the next one!

Gearing up for the “Loving Accountability Bike Tour”

This past week was spent working on bikes at The Bike Oven.  We’re getting those wheels, brakes, derailleurs, handlebars, shifters and everything else ready for the Loving Accountability Bike Tour!

Thank you so much to the Bike Oven and all the mechanics who volunteered their time and bike skills!

Loving Accountability Bike Tour: March 29-April 2, 2015

Inspired by some of our experiences in organizing with LA Rooted that have taught us about accountability in that deep soul shifting kinda of way, we will facilitating a BIKE TOUR for Trans & Queer People and Women of Color ages 18-24 around Loving Accountability. Their isn’t a cost nor fee for the bike tour per se because we are all doing this for FREE(dom)! But of course food and transportation may cost some. We only have 8 spaces available. Please share widely to people who you think would be great for this bike tour! The hope is that we all mutually grow in being better to hold ourselves accountable in organizing. Tag and share with your friends, pass the flier around! and Please read the flier carefully! We are also looking for a few facilitators too AND a filmmaker who is down to bike and capture the magic! Email us at by Jan. 13th & fill this Questionnaire by  Jan. 15th

Love Bike Tour