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A Trip to the Chumash Village by Jose Chavez

We arrived at the Chumash Village where we were welcomed in open Arms. There we met the Chumash elders and leader of the village. As soon as we got settled in with in packing our bags and setting up our sleeping bags, we began ceremonies and as well a small taste of hiking into the woods. The Chumash people explained to LA Rooted about the roots of the Chumash people and the struggles they endured in today’s day. They also expressed there culture to us and how things were done within there village. After this, we had a chance to go to the beach which was very close to the village. The water was clear, but a bit rigorous due to the waves. However, that didn’t stop LA Rooted, as we swam through the tough waves and had fun doing so.

The night then came, and we watched a video in the ceremony lounge. The video explained to us about how the Indians who lived here first before the Americas were “discovered”, were mistreated and taken advantage of. After, we went into the ops as we slept through the night with the fire lit ready to wake up for day 2 in the Chumash Village.